Window Software Development for Desktop

Round the Clock BPO provides customized app development solutions for the Windows Desktop environment. The products are based on Microsoft’s software development kits (SDKs) and are created specifically for the Windows framework. The solutions can run on multiple platforms including the legacy variants of Windows such as XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as the current Windows 8.1 system. Our developers also build solutions on older SDKs such as the Platform SDK and .NET Framework SDK if clients require apps that run on their existing systems.

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What We Offer:

  • Custom Apps: Our apps are designed and developed to meet exact requirements. Our developers use the headers, libraries, tools and documentation provided by Microsoft to create tailored apps for both internal operations and end-customer engagement.
  • Customer Involvement: We involve our customers along the entire process flow that helps in realizing efficiencies and reducing redundancies in the development cycle. Moreover, the turnaround time is reduced considerably and the client gets the final tested product in a comparatively lesser time frame.
  • Increased Visual Engagement: We focus on creating rich designs that spark user interest and help them to engage with the apps. The visualization is a key aspect of the applications which are designed for the retail customer or non-dedicated user. The final apps can operate seamlessly on any desktop running on the Windows operating environment.

Process Features:

  • Simultaneous Development Process: All features, from the headers and the menu design to the content and graphics, are developed simultaneously as an integral part of the cycle. The process starts from a few designs that are envisaged by our designers and are filtered into a single one based on client feedback.
  • Focus on Aesthetics: All aspects of the theme are synced together to create a visually stimulating canvas for the user to interact.

One of the key requirements of any app is its ability to pull data from the backend and render it seamlessly into the front user interface. This requires a thorough understanding of coding and structural design of the backend database and the best ways to pull the information based on requirements. Our programmers can code the specific programs and design solutions that render effortlessly at the touch of the user. In most cases, the software at both the ends are different and need to be aligned along certain parameters for the app to function smoothly. This seamless integration allows for a much smoother experience and a more positive end-user engagement.