Pay per Call Development

Pay Per Call is an effective way for businesses to generate more revenue and increase growth. With Round the Clock BPO, your business can use our expertise to handle tech support queries and generate leads. Pay Per Call is a unique concept in the sense that it drives customers to your business without you spending time on optimizing your website or opting for generic advertising.

Why Pay Per Call for Tech Support

  • Spend Only For Results: Pay Per Call businesses like Round the Clock BPO promise specific results and deliver on them. Customers are charged for the leads that can generate more businesses and not for clicks that may or may not leads to a sale. We use advanced software that tracks the number of calls and the time spent on each. The data is shared with our customers, so they know what results they have got for their promotional campaigns or ads.
  • Expert Technical Help: It makes sense to outsource the work to companies that know your business inside out – technical experts who have extensive expertise in your domain and are willing to use that knowledge to help you. The presence of experts also implies that problems are sorted faster and more effectively which in turn enhances the customer’s interactions and their opinion of your business.
  • Free-Up Your Time: Perhaps the most underrated and yet most important aspect that defines business success is the way the core team spends their time. If the management and company’s IT experts focus on solving every customer issue or following up on every lead, they will get sandbagged by the minutiae of operations. This will give them no time for their primary work of strategizing growth prospects and focus on business development. Using a Pay Per Call company to support the customer queries is a smart step to free-up time and focus on business growth.
  • Reduce Costs: Hiring an expert company like Round the Clock BPO allows businesses to not spend time on hiring costly technical experts in-house. Besides the salary costs, there are other costs such as systems, electricity, furniture, etc. that add to the running costs and reduce the profits.
  • Increase Leads and Revenue: Besides reducing costs, a Pay Per Call vendor also helps businesses to increase and manage leads as the customers call after looking at the relevant ads. The increased leads can be nurtured and better retained through expert advice and helping them get what they need. This in turn leads to more revenues as people start relying on the Pay Per Call vendor to take care of their problems. There are significant upswings in revenue when businesses start using professionals to manage and increase their sales leads.

What We Provide

  • Technical expertise to answer queries and resolve problems
  • Targeted calls leading to increased sales
  • Pay for results as our customers can see the results from the call data
  • Transparent billing as all call details are recorded and can be shared with the client
  • 24×7 service that ensures no lead goes waste