Android and iOS App Development

Android and iOS App Development

We are engaged in the development of visually rich and seamlessly effective apps for both the Android and iOS environments. Our company focuses on building apps that run seamlessly across all devices running on the platforms. We code programs that can communicate across these devices and sync with each other to provide the user a thoroughly fluid operating environment. Our goal is to build better apps that allow our client’s users to derive efficiencies from the larger internet of things.


What We Offer

Seamless Experience Across Devices

Our apps allow the user to connect with their work wherever they are. The apps can sync themselves across various computers, tablets and phones. This enables the client to better utilize their time and focus on the work at hand. The apps can also work on a stand-alone basis on only one or two devices if required. All our Android and iOS apps are customized for client needs and we can provide features that allow users to manually control the sharing across devices. This may be useful in situations where the devices may be prone to unauthorized access.

Updated SDK Resources

Our developers use the latest Android and iOS software development kits (SDKs) to build the apps. This implies that all the relevant updates on tools, libraries, headers, documentation, etc. are fully updated and conform to the latest in technology. The SDKs are also regularly updated for any new changes and additions. We also ensure that the programming adheres to the licensed approvals or other relevant requirements. Moreover, the developers keep track of the latest developments in the space and are able to utilize the supporting structure and forums for open or proprietary SDK at their optimal levels.

Retail and Enterprise Solutions

Our Android and iOS apps are made to order. We can design multiple apps for a single client for use across different processes or interaction needs within the same operational unit. Each of these apps can be developed to sync on various integration points that allow same data to flow across for a unified user experience. The applications may be for the retail end user to interact with the UI or it may be for the larger enterprise to collaborate across geographies and divisions. Each product can be customized in the way required.

Continual Support

We provide our customers with full-time support. The software is regularly updated with patches or new code to upgrade the software or remove redundant parts. The support also tracks any misuse of the data from any malware attacks or data leakage. Our developers also track any bugs, crashes, etc. that adversely affect the smooth operation of the software. Our coders help to effectively remove them and ensure an error-free functioning of the product.